SUN, JAN 28TH: 12pm-5pm

Pâwtisserie Pup-Up
Location: Pottery Barn Flatiron (12 West 20th St; New York, NY)

Valentine's Day will just be around the corner and some of our signature Valentine's Day goodies will be coming back to make sure you tell your special someone how much you love them. 

Complimentary bark-aritas.

SATURDAY, JAN 13TH: 12pm-5pm

Pâwtisserie Pup-Up
Location: West Elm UWS (1870 Broadway; New York, NY)

We're back on the Upper West Side in 2018 with the first of our pâwtisserie pup-up. Come pick up some yummy, fresh baked goodies for your dog!

Complimentary dog perignon.




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